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Groomsoft Pet Grooming Software Time Saving Updates

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  • Groomsoft Pet Grooming Software Time Saving Updates

    Groomsoft Pet Grooming software time saving updates.

    Save time with automated Vaccination Reminders. The best part is, the reminder includes a link so your customer can upload vaccination documents and type the new expiration dates. After your approval of the submission (it can be edited prior to approval), the pet’s profiles are automatically updated with the new expiration dates and the vaccination documentation is stored in the customer’s profile.

    Mobile groomers spend less time driving and more time grooming with our enhanced mapping experience
    • Best of breed location data from Google
    • Street view so you know what parking looks like
    • Home garaging so each groomer can plan their route to start/stop at from their home addresses
    • All street name fields within Groomsoft use Google auto-complete that when an address is selected, it will auto complete the street, city, neighborhood, state and zip.
    • Click the “On my Way” button to send your next appointment a message with your approximate ETA.
    • View the pet’s full history at the click of a button on the Maps page.
    • You can use autocomplete to type in a veterinarian's name and once selected, it will auto complete the street, city, neighborhood, state and zip.

    Customer Signable Documents allows your customers to sign custom release forms on their own devices, which helps stop the spread of germs. Once signed by your customer, you are notified and the document is time stamped and saved as a PDF within the customer’s profile.

    Additionally, you can upload many different types of files to your customer’s profile for better organization.

    Cement your business relationships and help soothe broken hearts with Pet Loss Sympathy gifts which can be sent on your behalf at the click of the button.

    Visit to learn more and take control of your business with Groomsoft user friendly pet grooming software.
    Coordinators post updates to the message for grooming events, members contests, Classified Ads, GroomerTALK Radio shows and Magazine online.

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    been looking for something. Want to switch in January after holidays.


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      Working on the setup now. Excited.


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        How is it going? I know I couldn't do it but my grandson did for us.


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          This is the software we have been using for about 2 years. Thumbs up.


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            Good to know.


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              We have used it for 4 years now. No longer Petlinx.


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                We used it for a few years and then we tried a couple others and went back.