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  • Setting up software

    I am looking to help another groomer friend who is opening a small shop. She likes software made for grooming. Not trying to change her mind about that. She is downloading trial versions. I am going to be helping her once she chooses. My question for you is does anyone use groomer software not just appointment scheduling but complete records and sales of grooming and maybe products? How was the setup for you? Did you get help? I want to have my own shop one day and this should help me too. I appreciate comments.

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    I’d like to learn more also. I haven’t a clue. And I’m certain even this caveman would like it too. I’m just very tight when it comes to expenses attributed to running my business. As the technology becomes more mainstream, ie free, I will switch also. Or if I had a much larger operation. Let us know please.


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      I have setup 123 and petlinx. There is a lot to it because sometimes if you don't have experience, later you wish you would have organized things differently. Both times that was my experience.


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        Way back, I had a software package. You bought it. It was yours. Updates cost, but again, they belonged to you. No further expense.

        I no longer have that software package. Long story.
        When I have looked at what is available now everything seems to be on a pay monthly system in order to use it. You never fully own it.
        So, instead of the initial cost of say $1000 to own it, you are paying $49.99 monthly and never own it. (Made up prices here) So, you are potentially paying thousands over the years instead of just the initial cost. I can’t see it.


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          I set some packages. You can still buy them outright at some vendors. I did this while working as employee since I had computer background. Experience is key or you really will decide I wish I would have organized them customer number, or style number, so many variables.


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            Sure I do this and we went through 3 programs over the years. And since we have multiple locations we have to have each setup the same exact way.


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              We use Groomsoft and wasn't too hard to setup.