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Any advice on the best shoes to wear for grooming?

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  • Any advice on the best shoes to wear for grooming?

    So I'm in need of new shoes for work and normally I go for walking type boots as I find them comfy but work would rather I go for something "smarter".
    So now that these ones have come to the end of their life I need help as I've no idea what to go for. They specifically said no trainers and ideally not walking shoes.

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    I use ankle high hiking boots in winter and trail timming or running tennis over dimmrr5


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      I wear ankle high sport boots for the winter (Justins ) and sandals for the summer.
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        I wear ankle high hiking boots during the winter and my lovely flippy-flops all summer long.

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          Wear something that's comfortable (for you)with good support, and no skid soles. Pet Edge has some clogs that might work. Lots of companies make running/cross trainers that don't look like the standard lace running shoe, but like mary janes, etc. I wear Rykas, and sometimes, Birkenstocks in the Summer. Really important to treat your feet well for the long haul.
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            If I don't wear good shoes with excellent support, my feet and legs kill me at the end of the I've aged 50 years in just a few hours. The best that works for me are Brooks and Kurus, which are both an orthopedic sneaker. Both are spendy brands, but worth every penny. I like to switch them up every other day or so to keep the longevity of the shoe. I've also heard investing in some good supportive socks will also help.

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              I’ve tried most of the nursing type professional shoes (Dansko, Sanita, Kloggs, etc.) and find the Alegria professional shoes to be the most comfy. Got the suggestion from Parti at APF circa 2004! My back and I continue to thank you Parti!


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       Hope I can post this, but the arch support in these is excellent. Much like Crocs only better!


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                  I currently like the allegria nursing shoes. I was buying the classic clog version but I kept getting some splinters in my feet, so I bought the boot version of the allegria shoe. Works much better for keeping splinters from getting into my shoes due to static electricity.