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    unite! I am so disappointed at the selection of grooming wear for us big gals. Granted, I have tons of grooming clothes, nice sets, siuts, etc., but unfortunatly they are years old, and I've gained a few sizes since some of them were purchased. Not that I don't still have adequet for my daily grooming, but what If I want something special for competitions?

    Flat nothing but unisex smocks, and baggy pants! YUCK! I didn't purchase that type of grooming attire years ago when we had all kinds of selections, but now we are total zip! I spent hours looking and searching the net the other night.

    OK, so if I can't buy ready made, I'll make it myself! I went down to JoAnn's today and picked up some fun patterns for plus size. Now I just have to decide what top I'm gonna do, and the pants I'm going to alter into qulotts (spelling?) for a little flair. I have a problem with getting hot, in long pants, so I wear a lot of capries, but that's just not up-town enough (in my mind) for the competition ring...

    Fortunatly I already have a stock of material that I'm planning to use, and it's anything but plain, dowdy or drab...maybe a little too flamboyant, but I like it, and it's hair shedding!

    Dang, I should start my own company for us plus size groomer gals. I can't believe that we are stuck with such drab styles that do little to lift our sprits!

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    I will tell you that Sue Zeccos line is awesome, but very pricey. I will never understand why more people do not make larger sized clothes, but one company siad to me, "They are sized after the European size charts" to which I replied in a smart aleck moment, "WHAT> There are not fat people in EUROPE?"

    I make most of mine or shop at Cato. They have a great selection that changes often and affordable as well.

    Flamboyant is FUN! I am borderline Plus size most of the time, so I feel your pain. XL Misses dont fit in some places, but the Smallwer Plus sizes are too big in other places......that is why I sew!
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      Originally posted by azoci View Post
      it's hair shedding!
      How do you know it's hair shedding? Is it nylon?

      I use to groom in just jeans and a t-shirt under a smock. Never have really been that happy with it but it has worked. One of my clients have given me some pants and smocks (not nylon) and I've worn those off and on too.
      This year I decided I would buy some grooming pants from Pet Edge. I'm just tired of hair being all over me and not having enough jeans to wear for work and for every day. Plus I thought it would be nice in the summer time, grooming pants being lighter weight.

      Well the couple of pair of pants I bought (don't fit right) and smocks (always too tight around the hips).

      I'm with you. I should by myself some material and a pattern or two and make my own! I don't worry about competition but it would be nice to wear something that fits!!!

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        DOnt feel bad....Im 5 foot tall 95 pounds and nothing fits me either EVER.I usually wear kids jeans but they dont make kids scubs
        I have they xsmall smocks and pants and it swallows me So If you start your own company please dont forget shorties!~!!!!


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          Yeah my wife says the same thing only place i can really order anything from is stylist wear they dont have much and they are so thin they dont last long.

          Stephen: Jodi Murphy is bringing out a new line soon.


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            I'm very petite and everything is way oversized! I never had any grooming clothes that fit. Smalls and even x smalls are huge. Not to mention grooming clothes are ugly, generally. Doesn't matter much anymore. I wear nice clothes to my appointments.

            Companies need to make clothes in 0-2 too, because apparently they don't. Ohh, how 'bout a skinny grooming legging?
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              yes my stock of bright flamboyant material is nylon, or at least something similar. I got it years ago at a discount place in AZ that sells material by the pound! I got all they had, used it for a while, then just put it away. It's in great shape, I loved it when I got it.


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                I DON'T sewwwww

                I've also tried the pants from pet edge and I don't know who makes them but they didn't fit me at all!
                My smocks get thread thin with a couple months; the one I have now is maybe 3 months old and already ripped out at the zipper.

                I'd LOVE for somebody to come out with fashionable smocks and pants for us plus size groomers.
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                  Sue is tiny, and her clothes fit I said, expensive, but I have the smock that i have on now for a year and it looks brand new, worn two or three times a day and its long sleeved...whcih I LOVE!
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                    What about us TALL people? I am 5'11, and all the pants I buy are to short. Highwaters! I don't do shorts, and I love the flair legged style, but every single pair of pants I have are just not long enough in the inseam. Actually, I used to have 2 pairs that were AWESOME, made by Davis Mfg... wore them so much the seams rubbed out. Unfortunately Davis no longer makes clothes, so back to square one. Ugh.


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                      Originally posted by Particentral View Post
                      "They are sized after the European size charts" to which I replied in a smart aleck moment, "WHAT> There are not fat people in EUROPE?"
                      I am size 12-14 now and I have a hard time finding clothes that will fit me right. I went back to Russia four years ago and being size 8 or 10 that I felt very FAT. My sister and her sister and their mom all between 0-2, most ladies being under 4. I don't know how it is in the rest of Europe and how it is spread along the age line but most people there are very slim.


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                        I'm 5'11" or there about, (a little shrinking with age maybe?) But big and tall. I love the neat tops you can find for nursing, but of course they are cotton and that really just doesn't work for grooming. ( and NO I'm not talking scrub tops-yuck)

                        Perusing through the pattern books today there were a lot of neat patterns that could adjust well to hair shedding fabric and our industry. I agree when you are trying to make a "line" to sell the average are better sellers, but unless you have been there, it's hard for skinny people to understand what it's like to have such limitations to fashion. And for the same thing it's hard for very short or very tall people too, average people just do not understand.

                        I was always the tallest in school, and always a bit on the heavy side. Just one of the outsiders.
                        So we'll see how thing turn out. I haven't seen Sue's line, can't get the web sites to load up.


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                          I'm not that tall--just under 5'9"--but, TRY find pants for a 34" inseam that don't droop in the waist or clobber your crotch because your butt is so big. (I wonder where Big Bird from Sesame street gets his pants?)
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                            Yah, us fatties need some nice looking uniforms! Here here. Ya know, even when I was skinny, I had a big booty (and a small waist) and stuff still didn't fit well because I am curvy. Grr. Plus I am short so my pants are/were always wayyyyy too long. I just wear nylon scrub tops and jeans now.


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                              WinterElixer, we're with you. They just don't make size 2x pants with a 36" inseam. I HATE looking like I'm waiting for the flood. I have very little in the way of pants. Maggie wears jogging pants from the big and tall men's catalog. I did find 3 pair that fit me many years ago, but one is just about worn out, and the other two are not far behind. A friend did find me a pair of low rise leopard print pants, but I'm leary about wearing them and scaring my customers every time I bend over. Please, PLEASE, hear the pleas of the odd size grooming community and make something stylish for us too.