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    Do any of you wear Alegria shoes to groom in? I tried on a pair of my sisters over the holidays and they seem like they might be good grooming shoes.

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    Shoot i wear them all the time!

    Alegrias are awesome! I don't wear them grooming b/c they are my one and only actual shoe that i can wear. I had surgery on my foot twice (from running) and i accidentally came upon these shoes one day. before these i could only wear my asics. Everywhere. Now i can walk through the entire mall or walk a couple of miles through downtown with these alegrias! Its the best thing ever for me, so yes i would say you should get a pair. I don't groom in them b/c i don't want to mess them up. i wear my asics with my orthotic in them for work. they make really cute colors too. i have, pink patent, bronze, black patent, blck and white giraffe print and some other crazy print. The website is


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      I use chef shoes Dansko


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        Paloma is SOOOO cute!!! I've been wanting a pair of shoes like Sketchers shape ups or Reebok Easy Tones, now these! I'm never going to be able to decide what I want. LOL.
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          I also have alegria's that I love. I too do not groom in them because they feel so good and I love them so much that I don't want to mess them up. I usually just wear crocs while grooming. I don't think you can go with Alegria's especially if you have foot problems. One of the few shoes that do not make my feet hurt.
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            sketchers shape ups

            I just got me a second pair of the sketchers shape up shoes because i looooooove mine soooooo much. The are soooooooo comfortable. Also, I have "turf toe" which can only be fixed by surgery which I don't want to have (very painful ball of foot) and these shoes make it not hurt at all. They are kind of weird to get used to, i call em my moon boots. My feet do not feel like i have been on them all day long at the end of a long day. I think I could walk across europe in these things.


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              Because of this thread

              and another one, I ordered a pair of Alegria's and have to say I love them. Purple, of course. They are very comfortable to stand in all day and my lower back doesn't hurt as much as it did...hopefully in the not-too-distant future, it won't hurt at all.