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Don't Forget My Tip #1 for the New Board

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  • Don't Forget My Tip #1 for the New Board

    On the home page of the board, in the Intro to 2007 Board CATEGORY, I suggest you read Tip #1 if you haven't already.

    The home page has expanded to what is probably its maximum size with new categories...perhaps you are seeing the big picture for this board...grooming industry archive of the industry is what it will become in the years ahead.

    Yes the expansion added more categories and if they are "open" it takes a bit of scrolling down, doesn't it?

    Well, it doesn't have to be that way. You are in control. Refer to Tip #1 to "roll up" all your categories, especially those categories you rarely use. When ready to access the forums within a category, open and unroll a listing of them. Keep your online workstation neat and tidy!!