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Woo hoo My website is up!

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  • Woo hoo My website is up!

    My hubby took a web design class this year and learned how to do websites so I finally got one, if you want to check it out. I want to add some more pictures the poodle,cocker,crested,and italian greyhound are all my dogs, I have just a few pics of dogs I groom I wish I had more. I would also like some pics of products I use. Let me know anything else you think it needs.

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    Wow, that is a very nice webpage. Simple, yet elegant. Looks like your hubby was a good student!


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      How very, very elegant!!! Your poodle grooms are just beautiful!! I think you are going to do great.
      Making Central Florida Pawsitively Purrfect since 2005.


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        Really enjoyed your web page. Your hubby did a great job. Need to send him my way and he can do one for me!LOL

        You said the dogs that were pictured were yours, well the background to the cocker is that your backyard? Very nice if it is. I'm jealous if it is, I want a pretty backyard with a pool in it to.

        Your dogs are just beautiful.
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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          Nicley done!

          ...and is that your home and yard or a client's in the background on the home page? Beautiful!


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            Husband did good!

            GREAT site Poodlefluff!! Very organized and professional - Loved it! Your dogs are beautiful! So is the little angel in the pink poodle costume.


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              Diane (Pixie), I was thinking the same thing! Wow, nice backyard!

              I also think that the nice background will inspire people to get their dogs done by you, as that is a good way to advertise if you know what I mean.

              I also think your poodles are beautiful. WHich poodle is yours? Isabella, or Baly? That photo (avatar) of Baly is GORGEOUS. She looks very thoughtful and intelligent.

              LOVE your website, very impressive.

              Tammy in Utah
              Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                I love it! Looks great! Keep up the wonderful work!


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                  WOW! Great website, very professionally done! I'd schedule an appointment with ya! I was thinking the same thing about that backyard pic. Very nice poodle pics too! Love the little pink mini poodle. Tell your'e hubby he did a wonderful job!


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                    Very well done

                    Kudos to you and husband. (bet you gave him suggestions). I also do housecall grooming, and love it. Get quite a few inquiries either from the web, or from someone at least who read the website and knows the deal. You'll be glad.
                    Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                      I want to compliment you. I think it's great that you told about your backround. It will give people confidence in trying your services. The poodle is awesome! I love the style and content!

                      I just wanted to point out this little thingy I noticed. I am detail obcessed and I hope you don't feel insulted or anything. It really does look wonderful! Step 1 - Call to set up for an appointment
                      Standing apointments work best best because your pet is guaranteed to always have an appointment on a specific day of each month.

                      The best best part. Thats better than best? lol


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                        I liked MommyEtchs idea of adding the info. on standing appts.

                        The website is very classy and not over done. I really liked the pink poodle and the little girl in the pink poodle costume!!

                        Congrats and let us know in about a month or so, how many new clients you gained from the new website. I think it just might encourage others to go the next step to get a website up.

                        Could you educate us in the meantime with the costs. Is it per month?


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                          Love It!!!!!!!!!

                          WOW, your hubby did great!!! Your website is awesome.......I would bring my dog to you



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                            Wow thank you for all of your nice comments. I took a bunch of pictures at my mother in laws house because I love her house she should have been an interior designer she has such nice taste, so all the pictures on the front page were taken by her at her house. I love her pool and backyard too we haven't even got to use it yet, because they just moved in in November. The pink poodle is my aunts and the little baby in the costume is my daughter, Baly is Isabella's grandmother. Isabella will have that much hair one day too and I want a picture of her in the same pose.


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                              Wow very proffesional looking website. I love the pink poodle! Your daughters such a beauty. Congrats!