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  • Whack Job:-)

    As groomers we truly can be our own worst enemy, can't we? There is a groomer in our area that spends her ever loving time trying to contradict whatever I say and do.

    My hubby (bless his soul) says "If she would spend as much time on her own business as she does worrying about yours, she would be a success".

    At what point do you say "GET A LIFE"?

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    I think you have hit that point. It is time for the other groomer to butt out of your business and worry about hers.
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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      I've heard of tiffs between groomers and such, but never in person, ya know. What I mean is I only hear badmouthing on certain message boards (not this one of course, or at least I thought) regardless, my point is that I have to squeeze in time between everything else Im doing just to check out message boards, and with having a family and a business and such I have to wonder how these kind of things have the opportunity to ever even occur when we have such busy lives. Now back to reality and calling clients for tommorrow...
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        Just sit back and watch her destroy herself. I had a lady today complaining about her last groomer. Saying she was mean and nasty bizoch. I just listened cause I know this lady and she is a bizoch. I never have a reply to complaints about other groomers. It is bad for business. It makes me look bad if I stoop to the petty level of trashing others. So, let her look stupid.
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          I agree Gracey..I've seen it on here as well. The ones that try to act like they know the most, are usually the ones that know the least. Im with you....GET A LIFE!


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            I get along well with the other groomers in my area. You never know when you might need a helping hand from someone in the biz.


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              Yes, I too have heard customers complain and I also do not respond. I would hope if it were me being discussed someone would have enough spine to do the right thing.
              Making Central Florida Pawsitively Purrfect since 2005.


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                Oh, I have to put up with this constantly. I'm just sitting back and letting her self destruct. I'm not going to let it get to me. And I never bother arguing with this type of person. They just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


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                  Just listen, nod, and smile...

                  I always say the proof is in the puddin'. Ignore it, it will take care of itself. Just remember the customer is now standing in front of you ; )

                  I had another groomer call me once and tell me what I should be telling my clients. One of my clients accidently called her number to schedule the appt. but showed up at my door. We had an active file card on the pet. We took the dog in even though it wasn't on the books. Other groomer calls two hours later to tell me that if "her" clients were showing up at my shop I was to tell them they are in the wrong place, and their appointment is across the city, not here. How am I supposed to know what/who she has on her schedule. I make sure to ask callers if they know where we are at...*shakes head*

                  I guess when businesses are failing it's easier to put the blame on someone else rather than owning up to their own faults. I'm good friends with most other groomers in my areas. It's beneficial for us all...we can learn from one to one commraderie...kinda like being here. ; )

                  How's that for a whack job?


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                    Whack job

                    But, I wonder... do these people know they are a whack job??? Just kidding, they probably think they have some vindication.

                    I must say, I love my job, our employees and my clients. I am happy to have groomer friends.


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                      Contradicting groomer? Why spend time with someone who puts your ideas down? I think I"d dump her. I wonder if she is one of the 2 I know. Maybe, she does it to try to build her self image. That reminds me, I"m missing Dr. Phil. Don't cha think he'd say dump her.


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                        I'm in agreement with everyone else. If a customer comes in and tells me bad stuff about the last groomer I'm not one to jump in and badmouth another establishment; it's just very unprofessional IMO. It's enough for me that they are coming to me now. I just focus on making my clients happy. Someone like that can try to damage your reputation ,but in the end most people will see them for what they really are-insecure, unprofessional people.


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                          rule number 2

                          A dog that catches a bone will carry a bone.

                          If one client tells you what someone else does, they are doing the same to you.
                          Any time I hear someone badmouth sombody else, I NEVER trust them.

                          And like my Mother in law used to say, What goes around comes around.
                          You only curse yourself.

                          And we all know what rule number one is.


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                            I always say something to the effect of "Gee, I'm so sorry you had a bad experience." and go on. Most of the time I think just having someone to listen to the complaint helps even if you can't do anything about it. I never respond. Well, one time I did let my mouth get ahead of my brain and I said "Yes, I know _____ and they're very good for my business." It was a sort-of friend so no real damage done but still! It was unprofessional on my part and I shouldn't have done it.


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                              I agree with everyone. I have SEVERAL clients who come in here badmouthing the other area "groomers." I know that they're justified in their complaining but I never get involved. The most I've ever said was "well, we do things a little differently here".

                              At the same time, it always makes me nervous that these people are running all over the place bad-talking someone. I know it could be me that they're talking about the next time & I automatically don't like these folks.