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Goodbye to an industry leader.........

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  • Goodbye to an industry leader.........

    Many, many years ago I decided I wanted to groom pets for a living. I had graduated from college with honors and was firmly in place in an office making darn good money and calling some of the shots. I was miserable I went to grooming school and graduated, went to work and was ready to quit after a few months of no progress, no education, no support, no encouragement. That was when I found a wonderful message board just for ME and people LIKE me!!!! I had found first groomer's only message board on the net founded many many years ago. I got to stay in a profession I love thanks to that board and my first encounter with it. I am unable to express n words what that board has done for so many in my shoes and I am grateful to Joyce and all the cyber-friends I've made through the GL BBS and the many other lists that were spawned from that first board.

    I am very sad to say that the founder of that very first grooming message/chat board, Joyce Laughery, passed away Friday after a long battle with what was at first thought to be MS. As her illness progressed she was diagnosed with Parkinson's and finally multi-systems failure. Joyce was a visionary in this industry by taking-on the time and considerable expense required to operate such an endevor. As the years ticked on the board just grew and grew and Joyce was right there for a very long time guiding her pet project. She was a visionary who allowed for the creation of many boards devoted just to grooming and for that I think we should all be grateful to her.

    The board and the e-mail list have now been turned over to someone else and Joyce is at the Bridge happily greeting beloved pets and family that have gone before her. Fare thee well, Joyce, fare thee well...

    If you would like to read more about Joyce and what she meant to people you can visit

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    Patty, that was very nice of you to let us know not only about Joyce, but how those message boards changed the direction of your life. Imagine where you'd be had you given up!

    I feel the same about these boards. I have learned so much and it helped me through frustration and helped me to become a better groomer all the while.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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      I think she was an example of how one person can make such a difference in someone else's life when they are so passionate about something. I have learned so much coming to these boards that all of you have made a huge difference in my direction.
      don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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        Huge Loss


        Thank you for posting this here. I knew Joyce had been sick, but was shocked to read that she passed. She made such a difference in the lives of so many groomers, wanna-be-groomers and pet lovers alike. I know I wouldn't be the groomer I am today without the support of the online community. I'm very sad for her family and friends. But like you said, she's having a great party at the Bridge and no doubt will be a guardian angel to many of us.



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          I never chatted with her personally, but I'm also a member of The Groomer's Lounge, and I know she was a very wise, and kind woman. She will be missed by so many! Keep her family in your prayers!


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            I'd been receiving emails from another members of The Lounge and knew Joyce was not doing well and getting worse by the day. So sad to hear that she passed.


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              That is so sad that she passed, but it sounds like she had a hard time of it, she is at rest now and no longer in pain. That was a lovely testimonial that you gave Patti, thank you!
              SheilaB from SC


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                One of the first boards I found when I first came online in 1998 was Joyce's Groomers Lounge and e-list. It was a tough time in my life when I was going through serious groomer burnout after almost 25 yrs in the business. Joyce talked to me privately over many months and got me through it even though I seldom posted on the board and only lurked on the e-list. Her kindness and caring for groomers and business owners is unsurpassed in the industry. She can never be replaced and will be greatly missed. Joyce always did The Right Thing no matter what.