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  • For the vet techs or anyone else

    My little Toby (rescue dog) seems to spit up at least 2 times a day maybe 3 times a week (I've had him since Dec 29th, this started about a week later). He doesn't act sick. He seems to be happy and playful. He drinks plenty of water. He isn't a great eater, he likes to eat a little and then walk around a bit and then comes back to it, with in just a couple of min., but will clean up his dish in about 10 min. There is never any food in the spit up, it's just yellow foamy liquid.

    I've had other dogs that have done this but not as often as this guy, maybe just a couple of times a year. So it has really never bothered me, I always felt like it was more of an upset tummy. But he does it so often I'm starting to worry about him. Any ideas why he may be doing this??
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    It sounds like your pup's tummy is empty and he's just vomiting up some bile. If it wasn't happening with such regularity, I'd say it would be safe to assume it's only the occassional upset tummy, but with so many incidents day after day, I suggest you take him to the vet right away. For now, I would offer the pup some plain non-fat yogurt or cottage cheese for a tummy-soothing treat.


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      This yellow foamy stuff is bile. If a dog goes to long on an empty stomach, they will sometimes wretch it up to prevent upset.

      I would try offering food more often (smaller amounts) or give healthy treats periodically during the day to prevent it.

      There is nothing "wrong" with you little friend that a little extra food can't fix.


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        Has the vet checked a stool sample? Many times it's giardia. In fact, mild cases of giardia (as well as hooks and whips) don't always show up on the first fecal exam. You might want to have another one done. Oli was doing the same thing about a year ago. It was mild giardia. They only found 3 in his fecal exam.

        Dogs can also suffer from acid indigestion, just like humans. If he's clear of giardia, ask your vet about giving him a Tums or Rolaids.


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          My 16 YO Engie, Riley, does this. My vet suggested that at his age he may have an upset tummy and to give him a Tums or some other ant-acid. I would NOT do this on my advice-I took him to the vet to get checked out and that's what the vet said to do. ((HUGS)) to Toby!


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            Diane, Spike used to do this too, and the vet in Korea told me to feed him twice a day so he wasn't on an empty tummy. He would throw up yellow bile, and now that he eats in the morning, and sometimes he eats at night (the food is out, he's just not interested), he very rarely does this anymore.

            I also would visit a vet if you think the hunger thing isn't the issue.

            Tammy in Utah
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              My dogs tend to do this too. I also think some dogs are just prone to do it more too. Since lil' Toby isn't a great eater, maybe he's not favorable of the dog food either. Since I switched mine to a food they like better and they eat it more than once a day now, I see less of the yellow stuff. Definitely check with your Vet just to be sure he doesn't have worms or something else going on. Isn't the yellow stuff killer on the carpet! Uggh...Good luck with him Diane - I've been wondering how he was doing. We're all in his fan club and wish him the best.


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                Thanks for your quick responses. I'll take him into the vet and have a stool checked. I thought some of it was due to an empty tummy but he does eat
                twice a day, but he is a slow eater and I can't leave food down for him because I have a little (hahaha) Min Pin that any and all food left in others dog dishes is left for her and she cleans it up. I have to stand over the dogs until everyone is done so she won't get it. grrrrr
                I have had dogs that have done this before but not as often as Toby.
                I'll keep you posted on how things are going.
                Thanks again.
                "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                  I had the same problem with a Dandie a few years back. The vet couldn't find anything so on the advice of a magazine article, I started mixing in about 1 tbs. of yogurt with her dinner and feeding a little food in the morning as well. Took care of the problem. The article said that sometimes the bacteria in the stomach gets disturbed just like in people.


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                    Hi, Pixie, those advises are from my husband :
                    1. feed Toby more often, maybe 3 to 4 times a day so he is not suddently full or hungry.
                    2. give Toby a little more food at his latest meal before he goes to bed.
                    3. if the vet gives him med, do those together with the med.

                    My husband is a Korean vet, he isn't a vet in our new country, but I hope this will help.
                    Tammy, would you like to try on Spiky and let us know how he is doing?
                    Lots dogs in Korea have this problem, you know how owners spoiled them there.