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    OK, I'll admit I'm a dummy... I use a shedding blade on my JRT. Why would the Furminator be different?
    For short hair dogs, which Furminator do you recommend? I guess they come in colors. Does the color relate to the blade size, pitch number of teeth??
    I'll entertain all opinions, good or bad.

    Thank you,


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    Paul - Furminators are designed to grab and remove undercoat. The blue Furminator is for small dogs, and the medium and large *dog Furminators are both yellow. You can find out more by visiting

    I ordered mine NEW off of Ebay for a reduced price...
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      Furminators are great but completely and utterly useless on My Jack Russel (that includes the solutions) and any Ive tried it on. Better luck on my Jack with the zoom groom.


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        Honestly I've been kinda disappointed in my furminator. It does work very well on a few dogs and I like to run it over terrier backs after they have been clipped but I can usually get more coat out faster with a shedding blade.



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          I had my husband weld me a 40 blade on a handle. It works great. Now I have a shop vac attachment from the scissorman I like even better. I'm not wearing the dog's hair anymore when I'm done.


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            The Furminator works best on short haired dogs with thick coats. Labs, Beagles, Pugs, not so well on thin coated breeds such as Chihuahuas, Rat terrriers, Jacks, Greyhounds. I would not live without my Furminator, the clients love it and it saves so much time. I NEVER use a shedding blade on my clients dogs because I used to have a dog that would have a bad reaction from it, plus it only takes off the loose hairs laying on the coat.