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when customers argue

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  • when customers argue

    I know its rare but with one customer going and one out, this guy starts getting nasty at her because it startled him. Wrong lady, she is very defensive and gets her started and there you have it, front of your door two strangers going at it. I had to laugh a bit but it's up to me to break this up. So I open the door like referee and ask what the issue is. So they start in with their stories. I don't know what got in me and I just say is anyone hurt? Loud. No, not really no. I don't usually raise my voice but it worked. They just left like a referee broke up the fight, and if you know me, it's not me. But it worked! The girl found her spine!

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    Sometimes all they need is a grownup voice to give them a chance to separate. You go girl!!!!


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      You handled it well.


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        Go girl