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Today was a sad day

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  • Today was a sad day

    I had a regular client come I today with her humongous Irish terrier and she suffers with Alzheimer's. I've been grooming the dog for about 4 years and while she's been going down hill she's always known I was her dogs stripper but today she didn't remember or recognise me. It was so so sad.

    She complimented me like it was the very first time I groomed the dog and told me the dogs life story about how its from Ireland and from champion lines and how she used to be Secretary from the breed club .

    She was such a character and now she seems to have shrunk physically and mentally its so so sad to see.

    Sorry for a sad post I just need a release some where emotionally

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    I understand. It's sad to see decline in our human and canine friends.


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      Thank you , I'm really soft and I it got to me a lot more than I thought it would .


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        It's hard to watch vibrant intelligent people decline like this. Sorry you're seeing it. Hope your client lasts long enough to provide for her pup. (For you, go home tonight and take a long walk to soak in as much peace as you can .)


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          Thankfully she has a doting husband who adores her so sjrs not alone , and I've a 3 mile walk home ahead of me and I'll be making sure I'll be getting snuggles for my little snug bug of a Boston terrier , Ollie , who is really tuned in to my moods and emotions so I know he will be clingy with me which is what I need.

          I also found out today my DH may have an issue with his heart , he went for tests and an ECG, they are rushing the bloods as his heart rate and wave things are really abnormal , we get the results on Monday so I'm worrying about that too.

          Sorry , I didn't mean to have verbal diarrhea I'm just feeling really emotional right now ( nothing new there really)


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            This is probably one of the best places to let the emotions run free. You get it out of your system, and I don't think any of us are going to criticize ever. So always feel free to let the genuine emotion flow


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              So sorry to hear this Marshmellow. I totally agree with Honey, you need support, to vent, celebrate, this is the place. It is sad when our customers & clients have health's heartbreaking to loose them.

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                Sorry you are going through this. Can't avoid how age related infirmary gets to both our canine and human customers, but it leaves us sad. I hope for a good night for you and a peaceful tomorrow. Or at least a peaceful time next week to reflect on how much good you do in your profession.


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                  I'm with you, each and every client (doggie) is super special if you're a good groomer, imo!


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                    We ended up in A&E ( accident and emergency) last night with my Hubby's heart and chest. He had 3 ECG done , ultra sounds chest x rays and full blood panels done .

                    He's OK thankfully. His first ECG was bad but final one was normal so he has to have a 24 hr ECG fitted at some point to catch an episode. They want to rule out any health/ heart issue before saying its anxiety related.

                    We got forgot about. We were through triage and first ECG done with in about half an hour , by the time we were seen at 5 this morning the waiting room was empty , I had to ask if we had missed him being shouted ( dr came round the corner and called us 20 seconfs later too much of a coincidence for my liking)and his chest and heart were normal again. But at least its nothing too scary or serious otherwise it would have been picked up.

                    We got home at about 7:30 this morning. Sooooooo glad I don't work weekends.

                    So much for having a relaxing night huh ?


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                      Thanks all for letting me just release pent up stress and emotions. Im exhausted but made it through in one piece ( more or less) thank you all for being a sounding bord and a listening ear. I just hope the next week will be easier .


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                        Marshmellow, so sorry this is all happening. On the bright side, now you won't be worrying all weekend!


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                          I have been through this even with family, I understand. Hugs


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                            Oh my gosh! You have been on such an emotional roller coaster in such a short time. I hope your husbands health issues are resolved soon. Being a caregiver can take it's toll on a body both mentally and physically as well, so be sure to take a moment every day to center yourself. Take a bubble bath, have a cup of tea in the garden, practice yoga, whatever you do to relax and recharge. We are always here for you to vent to. Be well.


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                              I'm so sorry. One of my most favorite clients also got Alzheimers. He was just the nicest man.. to me lol. He turned into a beast with the family though . Anyway.. he died last fall. I was really sad. He declined quite quickly.. 3 yrs.

                              My stepmother.. a wicked witch of a woman hahahahah.. she lasted 10 LONG years lol.

                              Anyway.. I'm so sorry.. it's really a nasty disease. Well.. is there a good disease??? Naw...
                              There's always room for another rose in the garden.