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Mites from rabbit groom

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  • Mites from rabbit groom

    I talked with a groomer today who does some rabbit grooms. Several days ago she had the rabbit in the shop, and after inspecting it a couple hours later she found evidence of mites common to them. Now some say some types of mites of rabbits not only transmit to humans, but it is at least possible to dogs. A customer called and said its dog is digging at its ears and went to vet and it has some sort of mite eggs. He said usually from outdoor cats, but it is possible. What do you think?

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    gross!! Sounds like bunny mites!


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      I don't bring birds or rabbits into my business, I have groomed them onsite for a friend, but not in the shop.


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        Exactly, I have seen ear mites in rabbits a lot, the skin gets crinkly like looking and can spread too easy.


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          Forgot what else I was going to say. I have already had 2 calls do we dye bunnies for Easter. OMG, please don't. I encourage colorful ribbons if they have to dress up the rabbits instead.