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Is it Friday yet??????

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  • Is it Friday yet??????

    These first three days of the week have been an amazing!! It seems like every dog I haven't seen in over 4 months managed to schedulefor the same days. And they have ALL been untouched by a brush during that time. At times this gets to me and this was one of those weeks I suppose. I've felt near to tears most of the days. Openly cried when I was trying to shave down a pelted Persian ( under sedation) whose owner 'didn't know I ( sic) had to brush.' It took over an hour to strip that poor beast using a 15 blade. The coat felt like a pound of smashed cotton candy.

    Also lost two of my seeetest dogs today. One, an 18 yo toy poodle , was put to sleep today. Her heart and lungs just gave out.
    The other, a. 5 lb yorkie pop - Wookie- moved to the family's estate in Jordan. I've been his only groomer and will truly miss seeing him very month.

    Guess the best thing about it was hearing my reception staff tell me at the end of today : " Ms. ---- said that she brought her pup in and Sharon was sooo kind. She sat down and gave me 'the lecture ' but I knew my baby would be taken care of ."
    My (big) sister is a receptionist in the afternoons and hearing this just cracked up. First belly laugh I've heard out of her in ages. We're dealing with our 93 yo mother being in an advanced stage of dementia in addition to being legally blind and nearly deaf so there aren't a lot of truly lighthearted times on our days.

  • #2's not pick up your brush and get back to work !! By-the-way, I've added another dog to your schedule, the client is new, the Husky. an outdoor dog, hasn't been groomed in a year, but she swears that she brushes it this shouldn't be a problem. Now, after grooming, you need to do a deep cleaning of the salon, because a client complained that she saw some cut hair under one of the tables that you were grooming at....just saying.....let's keep our clients happy. Chop-chop, time is money.

    Happy dreaming of the weekend

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      Sounds like you have a lot of tough stuff going on right now. Here's wishing you pig-snorting, snot-bubble-blowing, mascara-on-your-neck laughter several times a week. And a good massage.


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        Sorry your having a tough week Honey. I hope these next few days are better for you.....if your off Saturday, time for a massage or pedi. Treat yourself to something fun so you can escape for a while. [emoji6]

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          Dolly- have you been hanging around South Florida ? You gave such s great picture . Left out the receptionists interrupting five and six times a day to ask if I can squeeze somebody else in". If I don't laugh I really would cry.

          However, I must be exhibiting some sort of neediness through the car. Twice in the past week the car in the line in front of me at Starbucks paid for my coffee. Very sweet, and very unexpected. But actually perks up today somebody would think of somebody else I try to make them feel better that little way.


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            Close really really close. Countdown is on.


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              One more day!


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                Friday!! Good day for a pedicure just for the time in the massage chair!!!!


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                  You made it honey.