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Any advice on moving a business, anyone done it?

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  • Any advice on moving a business, anyone done it?

    We don't want to move far so we are convenient to our present customers. We really want parking, we get complaints since the next door parking area after years was developed by a new building and not welcome for our customers. Did you keep your customers OK?

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    Yes we did to have more room, and parking, so you are right parking is important. Really important for us. We moved 2 miles and did lose some customers but also get more new customers as it was an area with lots of new homes being built. Good luck.


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      We moved about a mile away and lost few. But do let your customers know WAY ahead if you can once you have the new place under contract. I would send a postcard, yep the old fashioned postcard, plus email if you use that, and regulars even a phone call, and of course tell everyone when they come back before you move. We did all this and still some said they didn't remember. If your old place is not leased to somebody new hopefully you can put a note up on the door you moved and the new address.


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        Yes, I moved a shop many years ago about 2 miles down the same busy street. They were renovating my old location-in a shopping plaza. The way it was set up, no one could tell I was even there. Had to change the first 3 numbers on my phone. Put a big sign in the window of my old shop. Even tho we moved closer to the competition, we gained clients because of better visibility. I even needed to hire another full time groomer! If you ever watch the movie Bingo, you can catch a glimpse of my old (moved) shop (think I had sold it just before they shot the movie). As long as your clients know where you are, and the phone company gives out the new number, you'll be just fine.
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          Sort of like karla take advantage of a shop with the best visibility if you didn't have it already.