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  • Vaccination records

    What type of vax records do you keep? We do ask, and note their veterinarian name and contact. If someone doesn't have that info we still ask for their current vet name. What do you guys and gals face on this. I know it is tougher for some than others.

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    What a bother but some groomers cannot groom a pet without having proof, I think it is Iowa.


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      I just ask who their vet is....I don't require paperwork. A lot of clients as their dogs get older hv titering done and stop the boosters. I also do this for my dogs and our oldest just gets rabies now. It's just me at my shop, and I groom about 6 dogs a day.

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        I require proof of rabies and bordetella, or a waiver from a vet. I would accept titers if offered. I do verify and document which also tells me who their vet is.


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          I only require rabies. My client card has my waiver agreement and a line that says current rabies, medical exemption or titer (Even though the law won't recognize it).

          I know through titering my own dogs, that most dogs don't need shots past puppy vaccinations. I also know the rabies vaccine doesn't magically expire at three years.


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            That's why I'm glad I groom my own dogs. I also have seen evidence annual boosters are a money making scam. TITERS reflects that. I do not do annuals and only rabies when it expires. I'm my shop and mobile we ask for rabies and that's it. I don't check.

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              My primary reason for asking for rabies is that having rabies vac is law here. I don't actually feel that strongly about bordetella being that beneficial. What I feel strongly about is having some element of CYA in the event of a kennel cough outbreak or being blamed for some dog's totally unrelated respiratory issues and I can say I did everything I reasonably could. I admit a bit of paranoia on that front. My paranoia stems in part from people showing up on my doorstep feigning (or not) outrage over some disease their dog got from Random Other Groomer. As most other diseases aren't airborne, I don't fuss with those vaccines. My own dogs are not vaccinated on schedule except for rabies as required by law, and even still, my 16 year old Lhasa skips that. Come at me, Law.

              Also, honestly, once they're an established client, I don't often follow up except the rabies because law. I kind of play by ear which may eventually bite me in the butt. But new clients? Stickler. Rabies and bordetella.


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                We only ask for rabies info as it is required we know.