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JFK's Luxury Pet Terminal Opens

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  • JFK's Luxury Pet Terminal Opens

    JFK Airport is due to get a plethora of enhancements in the next few years as part of a larger $10 billion renovation plan, but at least one upgrade—a very cute one, at that—is being rolled out. The Ark at JFK, the airport’s much-ballyhooed luxury pet terminal, is rolling out some of its features today: the Equine & Livestock Export Center and Aviary In-Transit Quarantine, along with the “Pet Oasis,” make their debut today.

    While the first two spaces have very specific purposes—the former is for horses and other livestock making their way through the airport, and the latter is for birds that need a rest stop while traveling through the country—the Pet Oasis is intended as more of an all-purpose animal wellness center.

    The center offers veterinary care and basic services (offering information on travel requirements for pets, customs clearances and quarantines, making sure animals get on the right flights, etc.), along with things like micro-chipping, check-ups when animals arrive at JFK, and “premium service individual animal reports available including photograph and information on activity.” (Cool!)............
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    Pretty slick.