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Does your coworker's quality affect you?

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  • Does your coworker's quality affect you?

    As I was researching all the grooming salons in my area i got to thinking. ..

    If you were looking for a potential place to work, do you care about the groom quality the other workers are putting out? Does it affect your decision on working there? Of course the owner of the salon should care, but what about non owners? Is it better if you are the best because you will gain a loyal following, or would a poorer quality affect your image as a whole? Would you look for places that have similar quality so you fit right in and mesh well? Or maybe you look for salons that put out nicer grooms than you, so you can learn and improve.

    Or perhaps the quality of your coworker's grooms doesn't matter at all and you only look for a place that has the atmosphere and policies that fit you best. What is everyone's preference?

    Assume all hypothetical shop situations are kind to dogs and its just a matter of quality haircuts.

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    I look for atmosphere, cleanliness, and safety standards. Sure I don't want to work at the Shavedown Shack, but there will always be some of us that always take advantage of furthering our education, and some that never feel the need. I don't care if they are better than me or not. Only care that I personally continue to grow, learn, and be the best that I can be while working in a safe and clean shop.


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      I would consider quality simply because of the type of clientele it might attract. A salon known for last minute shaves that maybe aren't so great would typically have less clients who like Asian, or know how to maintain coat ( I would die if I had to do clip downs all day). But I do know a groomer who moved across country and is by far the best in her area and at the salon she works at. I'm sure it's helped her get a good following and a good name in the area... Thus why she's able to open her own place soon

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        Yeah I completely see where you guys are both coming from. It's a combination of everything. I was looking at a shop's website and reviews were good, shop looked nice, but when I got to the pictures portion, I found myself doing that groomer thing where you notice, "hmm hair doesn't look completely hand dried on most of these.. Or i wish I could scissor that a little more... or agh pointy toes" Then I was like wait... does this matter? Should I even care? Should I talk to the people first and get a feel for the place?


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          I would say it absolutely affects you. We had a local shop with one decent groomer who started the place and a total hack, every single dog nicked, not clean, hair uneven. When I would get clients from there it was never specified which groomer just the name of the shop as horrible.


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            I agree if the other grooms were really bad, some could think that don't me mine are likely. I wouldn't work in a dirty or smelly place, or really rundown for ANY reason. I would not be scared to work to work where I was not the top dog either, I would appreciate their skills. But of course, now I have my own place, but if i was working for someone else again, that's how I would feel.


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              LOL well it might not even matter anymore. He asked where I worked/got my training (corp for 5 years) and I haven't heard back in 3 days when he was responding like once or twice a day!! lolol