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  • Need job advice!

    So Ive been a groomer for the past 5 years. I worked at a single shop until last September. I got engaged and moved out of state with my fiance in Sept. With wanting to make sure I landed a job I managed to find one before I made the move. The owner made me feel like it was a busy shop and I would have plenty of work. When I began my new job I found it to be rather slow. I was only averaging maybe 3-5 dogs per day. I know full well that slow times are part of a groomers life so I held out. As the months came and went I saw no improvement. Christmas rolled around and still not a whole lot of improvement. I knew at this point I needed something more then what I was getting. The stress of not making a lot of money and trying to save for a wedding was starting to creep up on me. Im getting by okay, but at this point I could be making the same amount of money at a fast food place.

    Since Jan Ive been looking around for job openings. I just recently found a shop that is looking for a groomer with a promise of full time work and health insurance. I sent out a resume and they want me to come in for a interview.

    Heres my dilemma. My boss is about to go in for partial knee replacement surgery. Shes going to be off for some time. I am the main groomer and I would feel just awful for just giving in my 2 weeks notice with my boss being out of commission and no groomer to pick up the slack of work. I'm torn between looking out for myself and getting a better job and leaving my boss high and dry. I actually like working there. I get along with the bathers and my boss is nice to me. However the stress of just getting my bills paid while saving for a wedding is affecting me. Its not that I'm not being given enough dogs. We just simply dont get a lot of appointments booked. I dont think its a well enough established business to support a full time groomer. To be honest Im not sure why she hired me in the first place. My boss could easily fill the slots and there is a part time groomer who comes in a few days a week to do a few dogs.

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    Having been in your bosses shoes before, had a baby, main groomer quit, I had to go back to work ten days after having the baby, I can say I was annoyed, and felt betrayed, but I got over it.

    You have to look out for yourself. If you're offered the other job take it.


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      First, you need to get the new job, and make sure it's a shop you will be comfortable in. Even tho it sounds promising (so did your present job), the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence. Does your boss groom? If so, she'll be out of commission for 4-6 weeks. More dogs then for you. I would talk to her and tell her your delema-you need more work. Maybe you can come up with a solution. If you do get the other job and decide to take it, at least there is another groomer who may be able to take up the slack til your boss returns. Your future employer will want to get references (I hope), and will probably contact your current employer. You want to keep her in the loop and get a good reference. Good luck, and congrats on your up-coming wedding.
      Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

      Groom on!!!


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        Since it sounds like you like your boss and care what happens to her business, I would have a very candid discussion with her about your situation. You need to let her know you need "x number" of dogs a day booked in order to save money for your wedding, and since you're not getting that many booked you are looking elsewhere for employment. She may think you are happy with 3 or 4 dogs because you haven't said otherwise. She is not a mind reader, so give her the courtesy of letting her know there is a problem. If she is unable to correct the situation, then at least you're not blindsiding her. You must be very careful about which bridges to burn, since we are working in a very close knit industry.


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          Thank you for your responses. Working at only one shop for most of my grooming career I wasnt prepared to be asking the kind of questions I should have been asking before I took on this job. However, your right in saying that before I look for other jobs I need to have a discussion about my job and let her know that I'm not satisfied with the money I'm making.

          In mind I dont see how she can give me more dogs. You can only do as many dogs as people will book. Right now the amount I'm getting is great because my boss is getting ready for her surgery and all the dogs are going to me. As soon as shes back to work it'll go right back to where it was at "she needs to make money to!". Ive been working this job for almost 6 months and the consistancy hasnt changed, even through the holidays.

          I'm just very flustered cause my pay was cut in half from what I was making at my previous job. Ive paid a lot of money to go to grooming school and thousands more attending seminars and trade shows. I deserve to average more then 400$ for a 5-6 day work week.

          Thank you for the responses regardless! I appreciate the input.


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            As an owner, my thought is this: yes, I need to make money, but when I hire someone with the promise of work it's my responsibility to provide it. I'm trying to hire someone and my plan is to give them as many dogs as promised and build up the clientele so I'm full too. At least I'm getting something from each dog the employee does, now I have to hustle my butt to bring in more.