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    Are you like me and sensitive to fumes? I had a work-life changing experience. My husband did some remodeling of my shop and he worked with the grooming in a box people, and called Stephen. He heard me sneezing in the background when he gave us a free review of our new floorplan, FREE, and my god the headaches. Make a long story short he told my husband to stop the new paint and get some zero VOC paint, like BEHR at home depot. He stripped the paint off the wall, just one was done and then painted the whole place with the zero VOC. HALLELUJAH. No headaches, no sneezing. I smell nothing. It does cost more but not bad and so worth it. I learn such great things around here. Maybe this will help some of you.

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    Anne with gave us a free floor plan consult too. Awesome ideas.


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      We stain some wood and used zero voc stain and I love it. No smell, no headaches and days of smelling stain. It ain't healthy to breathe that old stuff, read the label. Great invention.


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        My family repainted my brothers room. He has chronic asthma and use no voc fume paint and it was a miracle.


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          My husband has allergies and loves these paints, now me too.