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2 Dryers down in one day

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  • 2 Dryers down in one day

    I don't know if there was a surge *anyone use surge protectors on equipment* but 2 dryers friend a couple hours a part. They are about 2 years old, edemco, and if you need chaos anytime, let this happen. We got one new one coming overnight, thank you at a great price. Repair guy back in town tomorrow. Makes you realize just how dependent we are on dryers. Sure I can take my handheld in tomorrow, working OT though.

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    What bad thing to happen! Yes, I use surge protectors for everything in salon (house too).
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      As a back-up, you can change the hose on your shop vac from the "suction" end to the "output" end. It will do in a pinch and will dry your doggies.

      I too am having problems with my K9II dryer, strictly MY FAULT !! I haven't changed the brushes since 2011......which almost made the lady at the Electric Company faint. I was going to send them in for replacement, but they are backed up 4-6 weeks on repair. So I looked on YouTube and was able to change the front motor's brushes.....but found a repair place to do the inner motor's brushes. With the inner motor, you have to disconnect all of the switch wires and wires that connect the two motors........I don't want to flub it up.

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        Dolly I found an easier way to get to the second motor. You snip the motor wires then pull out the first motor then change brushes on the motor way down in there then put the first motor back then use wire connectors to re mend the clipped wires. I can do a full brush change in less than 20 minutes.

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          Good ideas Tom and Dolly, will do.


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            Sorry to hear that....we always keep our old dryers too for parts, comes in handy. We were actually able to take a part from one and fix until our repair guy could do his thing.


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              Did you get your dryer overnight?


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                Yes!!! Back in business, but the other dryer will be back Tuesday. We are fine, just scheduling around the inconvenience. thanks for thinking of me.