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Groomer Cares for Injured and Abandoned Pets in Arizona

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  • Groomer Cares for Injured and Abandoned Pets in Arizona

    PHOENIX (CBS5) -
    The family stockings still hang in the place where Julie Plumber is a very busy mom. But this is not your average home with your average children. It's a pet-grooming business, which is also a temporary home for dogs that people left behind.

    "If you don't fit in anywhere else, you fit in here," said Plumber, groomer and owner at Puddles Pet Grooming in Phoenix.

    This furry family in Phoenix is where Plumber does much more than bathe and trim cats and dogs.

    "They have wounds on them, some have broken legs, some have been abandoned," Plumber said.

    For years she has been taking in animals either left by overwhelmed owners or dropped off by people who know she has a huge heart.

    Annette Jones takes her dog for grooming at Plumber's shop.

    "She loves animals," Jones said. "She feels every animal is special and deserves to be taken care of and loved."

    Jones said Plumber pays for everything and asks for nothing, and now she wants to pay it forward to her for all that she does.

    Plumber could easily take animals dropped off here to a shelter, but she knows they are sometimes overwhelmed and in some cases will be put down.

    Here at the "misfit island," as Plumber calls it, animals will always have a place that is safe with a mom willing to help.

    "At least here they have a chance," she said. "I can help them here and if I can't help there here, I can find someone who can."
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    This lady has a huge heart. There's a special place in heaven for her.


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      I agree, thank you to her.


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        Sweet lady!