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  • Continuing education??

    Now that I'm no longer grooming in a salon with others I've been worried about continuing to improve my grooms. Has anyone noticed if having co-workers helped you improve your groom quality?

    Or has seminars, internet, and videos done just as well or better in improving groom quality?

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    Seminars, videos, books and dvds. Continue education from real resources if you want to do more/better. I don't notice improved quality with coworkers unless you have someone that grooms on a whole different level than you and is willing to teach you a thing or two. Only thing is some people feel more competitive with coworkers but that still doesn't mean you are learnimg anything new.


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      Having been around about 40 years in grooming we went from famine to feast in grooming education with the Internet and top groomers like Jodi Murphy, Sue Zecco, Jay Scruggs and others too many to name here making their DVDs and streaming by Melissa a We never had anything like that for early generations. We had a few good books, and Barkleigh and others who kept building trade shows. Today newbies are LUCKY!

      I really enjoy seeing my groomers helping one another, but I have also seen groomers pass along some bad habits and hints, Schnauzer skirts come to mind quickly. That's why I supply a library of videos from the experts to my groomers they can watch during lunch or on their own free time. I think every employer should make this investment, it is easier on busy me too where they need lots of finishing. And you know the info is solid. I also provide books like Melissa's and it works and if enough ask me, I buy streaming at I consider it an employee benefit that pays off and keeps my customers happy. We have over 60 videos and when I hire someone I let them know and if that means something to them that this place is special to do that and they want access, well I might be hiring a better candidate. Willingness to learn can be hard in experienced groomers, and instead they take it like, "thou shalt not question my styling" no way I don't need that attitude.

      I think I have done my best to do teamwork because if I hear bickering, it stops now. Resolve it. Let's get to the bottom of it, and so basic camaraderie is expected. For this reason I do long 90 day probation periods, this is not a right to work state where I am. I also don't want someone pestering another groomer for help all the time, come to me, that's where the buck stops, my table. We have also played videos like Jodi's where customers could see and some of them thought it was cool and that we are more expert. Well who knows.

      I do expect my groomers to bring up issues if someone is not handling a pet with safety and not to take a verbal axe to the one in the wrong. I have noticed that some of my groomers say, you should watch this video or that, rather than showing them. That's better than nothing and in the right direction. My lead groomer is hopefully more outspoken in a supportive way, and that is why they are the lead.


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        I buy dvds and stream a few months out of the year.


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          Really understanding the breeds and what your equipment can do helps a lot. Getting tips from the masters and attending groomexpos, etc...helps (there's plenty videos and websites if you can't make it to any of the locations.

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            We provide to employees onsite in our small lunchroom. We have to travel so far to shows, we cannot afford that, but a simple monthly fee, sure. I think it backs my expectations of them too.


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              If I had employees I cannot imagine not having a library and providing streaming. If they have no interest or respect for that, sure would mean a lot when time to promote someone.