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Woman Vanishes After Dropping Dog Off at Groomer

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  • Woman Vanishes After Dropping Dog Off at Groomer

    TOMBALL, TX (KTRK) -- A San Antonio woman visiting family in the Tomball area is no longer considered missing and is not in danger, Texas Equusearch said.

    Deniece Brantley, 37, was last seen in the Tomball area on December 29. Officials with Texas Equusearch say her mother and sister live in Tomball, and while visiting them, Deniece dropped off her dog at a groomer, and never returned to pick up her pet.

    Brantley is able to call home if she wishes and a representative said they no longer believe she is in danger.
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    Years ago I had a customer drop off 2 dogs and she was killed in a car accident shortly after. Son came by crying and picked up the dogs. Sad.


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      So...what happens to her and did anyone pick the dog up?

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        When I first started grooming there was a situation where a man dropped off his dog medical and overnight boarding. A week later no one had heard from him and there were no answers the phone calls. A week after that his brother came in to get the dog and pay the bill. Apparently after the Man drop the dog off he went home and killed his wife. He was arrested shortly after that and was in jail. The brother came in and picked up the dog gave it a new home.


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          We have had pets abandoned with us over the years, but not because of foul play. Fortunately family picked up the dogs, sometimes the next day. But I always tell them if they cannot find a home if they won't keep the dogs, let me know and I help re-home.


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            I've had two scary incidents like this. One was a younger girl fairly new to driving, got in an accident on the way to pick up. They said had anyone been in the passenger side, they would've died. Her dad picked up after hours and told us the events. The second was a man in his 50's who had a morning appointment. By that afternoon we had left a few voicemails. After close I believe the wife called to let us know he had a heart attack, and was in hospital. Another family member picked up later that night.


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              Always good to have other agents on file that can pick up for these one offs.

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