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Winter Season Tough on Pet Skin

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  • Winter Season Tough on Pet Skin

    Info given to public...........but not all shampoos dry out skin...........

    OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- We all know how much our skin can dry out in the winter time but it's not just humans that are affected. Pets feel it, too.

    The Nebraska Humane Society's Pam Wiese says when we get into frigid temperatures and snowflakes falling outside our mantra is pets should come inside. But forced air heat and low humidity can make more some flakes inside too – from your pet’s skin.

    If your pet gets lots of dandruff in the winter there are some simple things you can try that may help.

    Start with his insides. Omega three fatty acids contribute to overall skin health and can really help soothe dry skin. There are many forms of supplements and some pet foods contain these healthy fats. However it’s always best to ask your vet which form her or she prefers.

    Using a humidifier in the rooms where you pet spends most of the time can add moisture to the air and help his (and your) skin from drying out.

    Change up your pets grooming schedule. Shampoos tend to dry out skin so cut back on bathing in the winter. If you must bathe him, switch to a skin calming shampoo like one with colloidal oatmeal.

    Also it may sound a bit over the top but conditioners are a must in winter. Conditioners can hydrate the skin after shampooing and some spray conditioners can help between baths.

    Finally: brush them. Brushing has so many positive benefits. To your animal, it feels like you're petting and loving him, strengthening your bond but it's actually distributing oils around your pets body, naturally soothing his skin.
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    Yes I see the issue in that oatmeal is NOT for every skin, and there are many many conditioning shampoos for dry skin in winter.


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      So true, we only occasionally use an oatmeal and prefer other shampoos with conditioning skin ingredients.