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  • What a Year Thank you

    Survived the holiday crush, taking it slow this week. I worked extra days so off a lot this week. Looking back I learned a lot this year and this place and the blogs meant a lot to me. Now about 3 years in grooming by 5th year hope to work on my own, but no complaints about my boss.

    LOL they wonder where I come in with all this info. Just why is it, some check it out, and what about those groomers that don't want to learn anything more. Really! They just talk about the boyfriend, girlfriend, social media and except one they don't want to learn more. Oh well, peeps are peeps.

    Wishing everyone a fabulous 2017, I will be around. Looks like I will make it to Hershey first time. I cannot get enough, makes grooming even more fun.

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    Planning on Hershey for the 1st time too in 2017. I cannot get enough info either, love learning everything I can. Happy New Year!!

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      Hearst it is a wonderful goal to work for. It's worth every penny, not just the seminars but the networking and the talking to your peers. Then there's all the fabulous vendors! It's one of the best places around to actually test a pair of scissors before you buy them (Even if you buy them later).


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        Absolutely I agree you can divide groomers into 2 categories, those than learn enough to get by, those that love grooming and cannot learn enough. Whatever, if I employed the first just do it right, but is it not more fun to work with the latter? You bet.


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          Probably going to Hershey this coming year too. Thanks to all for posting the past year. Learning a lot.


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            I like your spirit Tootsie.


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              Hoping to go to Hershey this year as well.


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                thanks for the replies