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  • Massive shedding control

    Hello everyone!

    We're new to the site here. My name is Louie and I have a 9 year old puggle named Moose. He turns 10 this April. Moo has suffered from Addison's disease since he was 6 months old. He gets a percortin injection every month. I don't know if this has anything to be related with one another, but he has also developed a thyroid condition. He takes a tab of soloxine everyday. He has never dealt very well with stress. However, he's been doing much better with it lately. He has what I think is maybe arthritis or hip displaysia, the Dr. gave us a tab called Gerizyme. It works, but not 100%. I think this causes his stress levels to rise, it looks painful most days. I think his hair shedding is related it seems to have gotten worse over the years. It is cold out here, and I normally shave it down to a zero. I don't want to make him colder and shiver by shaving it all off and making his hip situation worse. But, the shedding is really bad. Its pointless to brush him anymore with a furminator brush, it just keeps coming and coming, and coming. It actually never stops! A groomer could never get it to stop. I can't do this myself any more. I am allergic on a small scale to all dogs and cats. While normal hair I can live with, I cant deal with this shedding at this level, its literally attaches to slacks after walking on floors with shoes on. If I brush it for 2 hours (which ive gone longer) it just keeps going and I get sick for weeks.

    One of the major issues is that for 10 years he has been sleeping with us in our bed. I think it would be rude to kick him out now. However, the hair is all over the sheets and pillows and that's whats killing me really. I have been extremely patient, used lint roller brushes, vacuumed a lot more. But I need to figure out how to control it. If you saw it, you'd freak out. As far as his thyroid goes, he gets a blood panel every 6 months-ish for the thyroid and addisons. The Doctors say he's fine and never adjust is amounts.

    This is Moose's hair after a furminator brush. I had brushed him about a week prior to this. His hair is usually this amount after I clean the bed sheets from 2 weeks-ish. I have to dry them first, get some of the hair off, then wash them, then dry them again.
    Any help on controlling this would be amazing!!! Please some one help!!!

    [IMG]{/IMG] (link not working, see below)

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    The link to your picture is not working. I do a piglet who sheds like a fiend. But regular baths and dishes works wonders for her and her family. I do her every four weeks. Unfortunately having your puggle shaved probably made the shedding worse. At least on a temporary basis the undercoat seems to be more. Have you ever had him groomed on a regular basis?


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      Other then regular baths, my only other suggestion would be to look at his diet, may help to get him on good raw or dehydrated diet if he isn't already. My mother has a lab and a heeler x that get bathed weekly and on a dehydrated food and their shedding is minimal.


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        If regular bathing and diet, and maybe adding some Missing Link supplement doesn't help, I would continue to shave him and let him wear a nice, warm sweater-maybe just a t-shirt indoors. Poor guy would be devastated if he got kicked out of bed.
        Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

        Groom on!!!


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          My phone corrected puggle to piglet, sorry. I also wanted to say diet. If you're feeding a grocery store brand that could be a lot of the issue as well.


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            This link might work for OP first post.

            Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the Board Help Talk Forum. Thanks for coming to our community a part of


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              I changed to giving my dogs organic coconut oil and wow wow wow in a week their coats are so smooth. Amazing. I coat the oil which congeals with some of their food or a little pumpkin, or you can heat it just enough to melt it. REALLY impressed. They like the flavor but when it congeals has a slippery strange feel to it I guess. No regular grocery store brands for me, too much %*$&#( in it no matter what they say or call it. I started using Organix dry and price is fine through with discount for auto shipments....I think that food is helping coats too.