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And... we're off! Photos of the new salon!

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  • And... we're off! Photos of the new salon!

    Finally grooming.... half in the dark. I get lighting on Wednesday at least. Still full time at my other job for now.

    I apologize in advance. I'm so excited that I am going to flood you guys with photos. Like so many.

    My husband and I opened the new salon last Wednesday but it wasn't a big thing. We hadn't really advertised because I was waiting to here from my boss at my full time job if I could continue to groom there while I got this shop up and running which they agreed to as it's a fair distance away and with a totally different client base. My husband has been great through it all. He comes and hangs out and helps me out when I need it to hold up a dog or whatever. I'm hoping to train him as a bather.

    As soon as my tub was installed I HAD to groom my standard, Seamus. I just couldn't wait. I had no overhead lighting and hardly any lights at all and it was after a 10 hour shift at my day grooming job. So forgive the imperfections. I cannot wait until next Wednesday when I get some lighting.

    Next I did a trial run of everything in the salon on Sunday by doing some dogs for the rescue that I work with and two dogs for a friend.

    This is Benji. I think his last groom was in June or something.

    Much better

    His sister, Chanel, the newfie mix. She is pretty much the largest dog that my tub can hold at about 100 lbs

    Benji tried out the new pen. I think it was $30 on Amazon and I love it.

    My shih tzu was less impressed with it than Benji was.

    At least she's cute. Here she is supervising me unpacking my tub. She's sitting on the box for the table, preventing it's unpacking.

    This is Ollie. Ollie was a pistol. He's an adoptable dog with a local rescue and I gave him a free makeover.

    Here he is all clean and finished. I carded out his coat and just trimmed him in a bit. He's super cute.

    This is Teddy. Teddy was AWESOME. If I had room for another dog, I'd adopt Teddy. I just have my heart set on a terrier to help with my certifications.

    My first paying customer was yesterday. She's a westie that gets a non traditional trim. Very very short face but ears left long and short all over. She was a cutie.

    All finished. I'm trying to get some cute photos but the lighting my salon is vile at the moment.

    I groomed a corgi later in the afternoon. She was blowing coat badly and needed a nice shape up. I forgot to take a before.

    Then I groomed a golden retriever as part of a barter with someone to fix the front door at my shop. She came in and my husband was like "Oh well she won't look much different when you're done will she?" Pfft.


    After: Normally I would have taken her underline in tight since she doesn't have much on her chest, but dad asked me to leave it longer.

    And last but not least, I groomed a little Cavie. She was soooooooo cute but had been hacked at pretty badly. I'm not sure what happened to her ears but they were super messed up.



    After the after getting some lovin from my husband

    All in all, we're pretty happy with how things went. I've posted a lot of stuff on social media and I'm waiting mail from Google to confirm that I do in fact own my business. Feel free to check us out on Facebook to see full pictures of the shop.

    Thanks for looking!!!!

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    Great photos, amazing place you have there!

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      Wonderful. I absolutely love the peaceful colors of your place.


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        Congrats on your grand opening! The place looks great.


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          Looks very nice! Love your sign too!!
          Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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            How fantastic! Areas that are calm and peaceful, and intriguing art installations to keep the creative juices flowing! Wishing you success beyond your wildest dreams, and the wisdom to know how you want to handle it!


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              I love the corrugated metal wall. Congratulations on your new venture! Grooms look great.


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                Looking good great picts!



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                  Very nice!


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                    Awesome pics!

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                      Such a nice feel to your place. Calm and warm.


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                        Major Nice! Congrats on your Grand Opening, you do excellent work


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                          Looks lovely and beautiful grooms!


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                            Wow love it, nice place, nice grooms, life it good for you, so happy for you.


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                              Beautiful, hey sort of reminds me a bit of this new color scheme, just a bit.