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Question - Acne Pimples

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  • Question - Acne Pimples

    My Pug has a few acne pimples on her body. Not face. I give her the Davis med shampoo for it every 4th day and it has worked wonders. I condition her also. I'm thinking about trying an Apple Cider rinse but for the life of me i cant find the dilution ratio here. I used the Zymox conditioner on her and not head over heals about it. Might just be that it needs to be used more often. It was a sample. When i use up the Peroxide shampoo i will have to use the Show Season med rinse i have on hand. Just need to adjust my arsenal. Just want to do a rinse. Thanks
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    For unbroken skin the dilution ratio is 50/50. You might want to test a small spot first to be safe. Then if your pug reacts you can rinse it off, and dilute it more. Good luck Have had great results with Braggs, and frequently recommend it.


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      I am testing muds on pimples skin. we shall see.