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Pet Groomer Embracing Solar Energy to Control Costs

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  • Pet Groomer Embracing Solar Energy to Control Costs

    HAWLEY, Minn. — Jane Anderson could've bought a new pickup, but she had another bright idea for what to buy with that money — 72 solar panels that could make enough electricity to offset her home and business power needs.

    Anderson, owner of The Groom Room dog boarding and grooming business east of Hawley, said she's always been curious about solar but assumed it was unaffordable.

    Her opinion recently changed, especially after a friend gave her an article about solar power becoming more affordable, so she hired Ryan Glenz of Solar Specialties last month to install the 72-panel array at the entrance to her farm.

    Even before it was wired in and generating power, the array was hard to miss — at about 120 feet in length, the connected panels are rated to produce as much as 23.7 kilowatts.

    For Anderson and other small-business owners like her, the environmental benefits of solar power often aren't as enticing as the financial savings it can bring in the years to come.

    "I think it's kind of like a secret weapon towards retirement costs," she said.................
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    I used to work with insulation, and as simple as insulation sounds, it's often installed incorrectly or it decays over time & isn't replaced. Insulation isn't new and exciting, but I wonder if she could have saved a lot of money by redoing her insulation.