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  • Carpal Tunnel

    After 10 years of grooming, I've developed good old Carpal Tunnel. It is seriously horrible. Any tried and true ways of coping? I have a wrist brace, anti-inflammatories, and do stretches but the pain can be unbearable and makes it really hard to get through the busy days. I had plans of starting the process toward my CMG in 2017 and I also won the Andis educator search and will be doing a series with them contingent on how my final interview/practice run goes in Wisconsin next month, so I'm kind of freaking out that this could bust up a lot of good things going for me in my career. TIA

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    Oddly enough I got some relief with a chiro on a weekly basis to start with. I was tensing up and making things worse for the carpal. I also soaked in warm water every night, meaning my body not the wrists. I also watched what I ate as I was making more lactic acid that causes cramping muscles. I also did a lot of yoga/stretching before I groomed, well not a lot but every day, 20 minutes just the basics. That's when I really started playing music because it made me forget all my personal or family issues while I groomed, you know the kind of things that make you tense. So I loosened my mind, shut out all the personal drama, and it really helped. You like me lived in a cold area so all that warmup with stretching first really helped.


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      I found relief by locating a specialist who did the surgery by arthroscopy. Two very small slits. Told him I needed to be able to knit, crochet, hold a sewing needle, and play piano, but if I could never clean a litter box again, that would be ok. So after I got home from surgery, I knitted a few rows, crocheted a a few more, embroidered a few stitches, plinked at the piano (no chords) and enjoyed not being allowed to wash dishes. (This was my dominant hand.) Prior to surgery my hand was always "falling asleep". This was before I became a groomer, but I cannot imagine attempting to hold any of the tools with sleepy hands. I was cleared to return to work (cleaning the fitness center of a retirement community) in a disappointingly short 4 weeks. So yeah, it means figuring out how to take time away from grooming, but when your hand falls asleep while holding a clipper, what other choice are you going to have? Left go the damage can become permanent.
      Sorry-very passionate about fixing things, not just trying to alleviate symptoms.


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        What about surgery ? A lot of people could slap their foreheads for waiting, and suffering, before they made the choice to go ahead with surgery. If you got a problem, and surgery could help, then do it after the holiday rush......Jan/Feb when a lot of grooming businesses slow down.

        Good Luck

        Happy going under the knife

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          Thanks yall... I'm terrified of the thought of surgery, I've never had a surgical procedure in my life. But like poodlefeet said, I get the numbness/tingling a lot and the whole thing is awful. Maybe I can take a few days or get a stand in. Even when things do slow down I have a lot of people with standing weekly appointments because they keep full coat. Oh life..


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            NO DON"T TORTURE YOURSELF!! Please look to a life pain free. Bliss. Get the surgery done. It will only get worse. Find a qualified hand surgeon.
            Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.- Richard Carlson


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              The concept of carpal tunnel hasn't been around that long. I guess in the past people just called it painful aches. Have you tried filming yourself working? I made a video of myself working and found that I tending to lean over at my waist for long periods of time -- which is not a helpful thing to do. You might be positioning yourself in a way that makes it easier for problems.


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                I am not against surgery, but I was able to avoid it. It's true than Jan Feb is probably your best time of year to get it done if you can.