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Making Your Own Press Release

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  • Making Your Own Press Release

    We rarely post these but there are a good number of grooming business owners that create and release on their business. Instead of a media company like a newspaper doing an article on their business, they create one. They then pay a fee to have it released where the media can pick it up. Sometimes it works well, but what is the chance your local paper will pick it up? So so, but you could send them a copy. Remember most papers do 1 to 3 pet themes a year for their publication. In fact, the entire US is blocked out for pet/home themes in papers using national press release servers that send out your press release nationwide several weeks ahead of the set dates.

    To get the news daily we have to sometimes wade through groomers doing this. Here is a sample.
    Coordinators post updates to the message for grooming events, members contests, Classified Ads, GroomerTALK Radio shows and Magazine online.

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    I would certainly rather have an article done on me. You are right the only impact on us would be the local article as a grooming biz owner. I know they have to spend some bucks to put out a release nationwide, odd but maybe they have a big big paper by them? You certainly have to have something you've done to bang your own drum.