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  • Ears

    I am a newish groomer and ears still trip me up!

    I don't know what it is about them, but I feel like no matter what I do as soon as the dog shakes their head I get sticky outies everywhere. Or they will look choppy. Or one will be perfect and then the other one will be doing something funky. I can get them to a point where they look acceptable, but I want to look at them and think "Those are some nice ears!"

    Did any of you struggle with ears when you first started? Any tips and tricks? I plan on consulting learn 2 groom dogs when I am a little less strapped for cash, and would love to buy some Jodi Murphy DVDs eventually.

    Any input is appreciated!

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    40 years later I still struggle with ears!


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      I think it's called the theory of five. Not too bad of a book and not expensive either. I keep 3 maybe 4 physical books on hand to reference. I have been grooming 16 years and sometimes the ears just don't do what you want


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        I learned to groom in a shop that uses Theory of Five by Melissa Verplank and another all breed grooming book. Along with other books that were created by the company, but the Theory of Five was most helpful!!!

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          Yes.. I struggled at first. In fact, about a year ago, I googled something similar to "how to trim dog ears straight across" and up came a question I posted here lol!! Sometimes, depending on the dog, I hold the ear, kind of up, at the base.. oh boy, let me see if I can describe this. So.. I hold the ear at the base, with my pointer finger palm area under the ear, the on top... kind of shake it a bit.. I loosely hold it.. not grab it.. then you can scissor the bottom... and I hold my shears down at an angle. It's really an old trick I learned in beauty school in the.. ahem, 70's. There was a cut that you would push the clients head forward lol.. then start making your cuts and it would cause the hair to page boy under all on it's own.. oh I'm sure it has a term. Anyway... I do something similar and it causes the hairs on the ears to page boy under as well. Sometimes.. If I'm doing layered ears.. I will take a comb 2 sizes bigger and go reverse.. but you HAVE to be careful not to catch the sides.
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            Definite must to have Theory of Five, will help with many things for newer groomers.