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  • The Good Clients

    Two of my customers informed on the same day that they are getting puppies! One is a 'silver' lab. Never heard of that, but she showed me pix and although they are actually chocolates, they do indeed appear silver in some of the pix.
    The other is a labradoodle. Owner currently has one, and although he is literally a junkyard dog, they take extremely good care of him and he is a pleasure to groom.
    Best part-both prospective owners brought up bringing their pups in for grooming training sessions even before I could!
    I also convinced the owner of a rescue mutt to bring him to me once a week for training sessions. Very reactionary little buggar, hoping to bring his anxiety down to a manageable level. His dad thinks he is smiling when he shows his teeth. Oy! In that case the little guy really loves being groomed cuz he smiles a LOT! Not sure what he thinks Smiley is communicating when he snarls and snaps at me!
    I also have quite a few clients who are not fussy about the style, just say 'Make him/her cute." Lots of creative freedom!

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    The good clients are the ones that allow us to put up with some of the more fickle ones.
    I love when told to do whatever I think is best or cutest, it does allow for some creative freedom.
    Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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      Some of my clients, that I feel are not only the good clients but the perfect clients because their dog does amazingly well on the table( and yes you gotta love the ones that say, just make him beautiful...I trust you.) is never matted because they are groomed regularly, they never or rarely cancel, they always tip and always increase the amount they pay over the years without me having to tell them I had an increase. Thats a hard bunch of qualifications to meet but I do have several that fall into this group, Oh, and around the Holidays they give you a nice Christmas Bonus - Just cause they're awesome.
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        I have so many, some are the dogs and not necessarily the owners, and some are the owners, and not necessarily their dogs, LOL. I am pretty patient with everyone and don't keep problem clients dogs or humans, like complaining about prices or not keeping appointments. Get that in order and you have mostly great clients.


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          Not sure how my boss did it but we have nearly all good clients.


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            Having good clients prevent burnout. And adds respect for our profession when you train them like that

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