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Win $500 for Holidays 2016 Contest - What Do We Have in Common?

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  • Win $500 for Holidays 2016 Contest - What Do We Have in Common?

    That's right, winner takes all, US$ 500. It's the last contest of 2016 and will run until December 20, 2016.

    Contest sponsored by

    First Place: $500 US dollars

    Game Period: November 2, 2016 through December 20, 2016.

    Who May Play: At the time you play you must be 18 years of age, and a resident of the US and Canada. You must be registered for the GroomerTALK message board because you must post on the board as part of the game. You do NOT have to be a groomer. Registration for this message board only requires an email address. If you win a prize we will need contact information for winners. Winners are responsible for any taxes that may apply for their winnings. If the winner is in Canada he or she will receive an alternate gift card, an gift card of the approximate value of US$500 converted to CAN$, and the card is good for shopping at only.

    Drawing for Prizes: There will be a drawing for one lucky winner. After the contest closes at the end of December 20, 2016, we will tally your tickets in the drawing (see below) and announce the winners within 2 days of the contest close. Drawing is conducted by Find A Groomer Inc, publisher of

    How to Win Tickets for the Drawing:

    1. Every time you post a reply message or start a "new thread discussion" on the GroomerTALK board during the contest period you automatically are entered by getting 1 ticket per reply message or new thread.
    2. Play extra trivia games on the board. The theme is What Do We Have in Common? but expect other types of trivia too. Not all questions are pet or grooming related. Fifty or more games may be posted over the contest period. Each game is in a new thread and follow the instructions in each one to play. At minimum you get 10 tickets for winning a separate game. REMEMBER, just for trying and posting your guesses, you still get 1 ticket per post even in the separate game threads.

    Good luck!
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    I love this contest idea. Behind schedule getting involved but will.


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      thanks for extension I gotta catch up.


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        Winner will be announced New Years Day 2017, and a new contest opens same day. See Contest Forum for more details.
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          Good luck everyone!