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Overcoming Dog Fear to Become a Dog Groomer

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  • Overcoming Dog Fear to Become a Dog Groomer

    Brave Kayleigh Rooney has conquered her terrors after she was savaged by a pal’s pet – and become a dog groomer. A nine-stone Japanese akita sank its fangs into Kayleigh’s cheeks and shook her like a rag doll. (pictures) She needed 270 stitches and two years of treatment. Yet Kayleigh’s love of dogs has beaten all her fears. Now, *seven years later, she has a shih tzu called Sid and has started a pooch pampering firm. Kayleigh, 22, told The Sunday People she still *vividly *recalls when the akita, called Chunk, *suddenly turned on her after she knelt to pat him...................
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    I was attacked by an akita exactly the same way. A dog in my apartment complex that I had seen dozens of times. I knelt down and let him sniff the back of my hand and he just went for my throat. Thankfully we were outside and it was late fall/early winter so I had on a wool coat and scarf around my throat so he wasn't able to latch on.

    Good for her in overcoming her fears to do what she dreamed of as a career.


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      Ditto, I have a bather that was attacked by a loose Akita some years ago as a teenager. But she still does big dogs but learned to be very careful about approaching them. She wasn't raised with dogs.