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Newbie groomer 1st maltese clip- please critique me!!

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  • Newbie groomer 1st maltese clip- please critique me!!

    This is my first time grooming a Maltese all by myself. Please give me your honest feedback but be gentle- I know I need practice on faces.

    Mom wanted him as shot as possible but "not shaved." (Lol)

    Click image for larger version

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    First of all......I wish that my first dog looked so good !!

    I always take a #30 under the nose and a little to each side to clean the hair from the lips....this stops the hair from getting into the mouth and entangled in the front teeth.

    I would round out the back part of the muzzle with my curved scissors. So when you look at it from the frontal view, you don't have the back nuzzle hair sticking out.

    I always take the tip of my blade and scoop out the inner eye hair so the dog can see without hair blocking it's view.

    Your side view looks great, especially since the owner wanted it short, but not shaved.

    The most important thing is how did the client like Fluffy's new look ? It looks as if the dog needs to be on a more regular schedule.

    Happy doing a great job

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      Thank you so much Dolly for your kind words and constructive criticism. It means so much to me!

      I asked mom for her honest opinion and she said she liked it and I'll be seeing more of him! I hope she means it and she's not just trying to be nice because he was a really good dog to groom.

      I was struggling with the stragglers in his mouth and around his head. I'm so used to only scissoring the face so I'll try your advise with the clippers around the lips next time!


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        Dog looks good, and I agree with Dolly, it needs to be on a way more regular grooming schedule. If the dog was done way more often, achieving what the owner wants would be easier. The only thing that stands out would be the shape of the face, more rounded and not quite so angular. Maltese can be hard as they can be quite temperamental. Good job on your first groom on a Maltese though. You are well on your way [emoji4]

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