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Neighbors File Against Groomer's Sign

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  • Neighbors File Against Groomer's Sign

    STANFORD – A pair of local business owners took to social media for support last week after nuisance complaints were filed against them for the illuminated signs outside of their stores.
    Hilltop Florist owner Merle Miracle and pet groomer Dillon Roberts have spent the last few months fixing up a neglected piece of property next door to the flower shop on Lancaster Street, which is now home to Ruff to Pawfect Pet Salon.
    But when both business owners received a certified letter in the mail stating that nearby homeowners had filed a nuisance complaint against them, the pair posted the information on Facebook and immediately garnered hundreds of comments from locals in support of the stores and their signs.
    The post encouraged those supporters to call city hall and the number listed for code enforcement – which is actually the Stanford Fire Department’s phone number – and stated that Stanford Mayor Eddie Carter should look at his own property across the street before coming after them.
    “I guess the 25 cars that looks like a car lot parked across the street at the mayor’s house doesn’t depreciate our businesses and the grass that grows knee-high, or the junk laying in people’s yard across the street, or maybe even the street fights that happen almost every day in the big white house across from us,” the post reads.
    Miracle said he has never said anything about Carter’s property but it is not up to code in his opinion. .................
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    How ridiculous. Pull the curtains and 'give it a rest'. I suppose if the city put in a street light, they would gripe about that, too.
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

    Groom on!!!


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      Having lived across from a sign like that in the past, those darn things should have a dimmer for night time. I never complained but I had to buy black out curtains to avoid seeing it at night.


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        Too bad. But you may be right, shut off during some hours at night?


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          Yeah electronic is a different story.

          Still trying to figure out what is going with Whiskeyjack's avatar.


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            I would be afraid it would be trashed by some partiers going through the neighborhood.


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              Right I would think it would be a risk out there like that.