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  • Employee problem.

    I'm mobile. For the second time, my new employee has no-showed. The first time, she told me she's been up sick all night and slept through her alarms. This time, she says (with photos) that she was concussed in a car accident.

    Both times I learned of the problem from my clients, not from her. I finally got her husband to pick up the phone this morning after multiple calls and he is barely understandable.

    I'm so upset I can't see straight. She stores my second grooming vehicle at her house and has a full day of grooming scheduled tomorrow and I'm 600 miles away (returning on Sunday). I want to go over and pack up my stuff and fire her butt but I can't.


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    If she's within 90 probation dismiss her


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      Is she going to work tomorrow? If not I would let her go ASAP

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        I don't have much to add to the above, except that when you terminate her, be sure to do it in person at the time you're picking up the vehicle. You don't want to give her any advanced warning of what's coming and have her either damage the vehicle or take things from it out of spite. In the future, you might want to consider having employees pick up/drop off the vehicle at your home or other storage location, not only for security's sake, but to ensure that proper maintenance and clean up is being performed. And make sure to document all of these incidents and conversations while your memory is fresh to make sure your personnel file is up to date, if you need it in the future.

        So sorry this is happening to you.

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          Ugh bad sign. If she doesn't make a big turnaround it is time to move past her. If you are not sure about the story of the accident and she went to doctor, ask for note from doctor. Concussions are serious though.


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            I would read, then read it again, then triple read what SandyinAnaheim wrote..........she nailed it !!

            Happy following good advice from everyone

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