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What do you want in a help wanted ad?

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  • What do you want in a help wanted ad?

    After reading a FB discussion where people were complaining about the phrase "drama free" in help wanted ads (where I thought that would be a plus) I wonder exactly what DO potential employees want to see in an ad, and what would turn them off?

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    As a former job seeker in this field, the number one thing I was looking for is income and tips information. How many dogs would I be provided with, at what percentage, and are the tips pooled? Almost as important to me, personally, was availability of mentorship. As a new groomer, having someone more knowledgeable than myself that I could go to with questions, or to provide me with non-condescending finer details of a groom, is invaluable. The third most important thing for me was a stable work environment. I didn't want to have to worry that some days I would only have 2 grooms and have to go home early. The final element that is important to me, is a pleasant working environment. I have difficulty with people screaming at each other across the room all day, added to the inevitable sounds of a grooming salon. I find it difficult to focus on what I'm doing with sharp instruments and am slowed down when there is a ton of loud nonsensical conversations going on around me.

    In the two positions I had before going mobile, I was promised all of the above and it turned out to be untrue at both places. I am not put off by the "drama-free" description, I just find it to be basically false, as there has to be someone around ballsy enough to enforce it, and that doesn't usually happen. And if it does, I guess that creates some drama, but much less so than allowing problematic employees to run amok.