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Dog Plays Cupid (picture)

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  • Dog Plays Cupid (picture)

    Having been born on Valentine's Day 2014, it was only a matter of time before Finn the corgi fulfilled his destiny as an agent of love. After having been adopted by Naperville residents Mitchell Bounsayngam and Meghan Raess, both 27, Finn waited until this year to help Cupid seal the deal on the couple. When Bounsayngam decided it was time to propose marriage to Raess, Finn stepped up with a big assist. He became a billboard carrying that special "marry me" request for Bounsayngam. But this wasn't a sign around the neck, Finn proudly bore the message stenciled onto his side through an airbrushing process that took place at The Upscale Tail Pet Grooming and Wellness Salon in Naperville............
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    How cute! I bet they will get him all dressed up for wedding, too! Corgi in a tux.

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      Awww That's so romantic, love it


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        Ooo....Corgi in a tux would be more dashing than James Bond!