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  • Packed Labradoodle

    I had a 7 mo. Labradoodle the other day. He has had 2 full grooms by two different shops and both times the owner was told he had to be shaved. She wasn't a difficult owner by any means and accepted what ever needed to be done but hoped he could be left a little longer.

    Anyway, his head, cheeks and neck especially and also his rump were just packed with undercoat. I really didn't want to shave him as the rest of his body and legs were very nice. I noticed that as i was drying him his coat acted very similar to a packed double coated dog (which I love to unpack) and the undercoat, once it started loosening up with a little help brushed out very nice.

    I think shaving this dog without removing the undercoat made it worse and I look forward to seeing him again to see if the unpacking makes a big difference. Any opinions from Doodle experts? Of course he is still a puppy too.

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    My motto is "If it matts to the skin, it will need shaved again and again." - It's hard to get people to brush their dogs properly. I love the doodles that never matt. It sounds like it had the packed coat like a Aussie where it looks matted but a good conditioner and force dryer and it's snowing?


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      Yes and no. It did remind me of an Aussie but fur was not flying if that makes any sense. It's coat was like a poodle coat with heavy packing head and rump. My first instinct has always been to shave a doodle but this coat was just different or I was just paying closer attention to the condition of the coat. IDK all I know is I love dog hair!


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        I usually unpack and get better results, but depends upon what the dog can withstand.


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          Quite often even if a dog *is* matted I find I can leave it a bit longer if I bathe and force dry before clipping. Sometimes I can even loosen the matts enough to run a clipper comb under them. I've even had a couple that seemed really matted, but once blown out they were fine. Sometimes if there's really excessive coat length I'll quickly scissor off the excess before bathing, which also makes it easier for the remaining matts to loosen. I don't do major dematting, so if I can't get them manageable with washing, product and blowing out, off it comes.