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How close is too close to another shop?

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  • How close is too close to another shop?

    Hi all,

    Just wanting your opinions.

    I have been grooming professionally for 7 years, nearly 8.
    I was previously grooming as an employee of other salons, plus a small amount of grooming from home (1-3 days per week, have a solid little client base.) Three months ago I quit the salons and purchased a doggy daycare business, but still do the grooming from home on weekends.

    I sub lease my daycare premises from another grooming salon, and as such have signed a contract that means I cannot groom on this premises. They were originally moving to a home based salon and out of their shop at the beginning of next year however they have just received word that they do not have council approval to do so, and therefore will no longer be moving. It was my original plan to take over the lease upstairs, and start my own grooming salon there as well as the doggy daycare and to then stop grooming from home.

    A shop down the road from my location has become available for sale, and I am strongly considering purchasing it and starting my own salon and expanding my daycare (currently my space is extremely limited, and therefore so is my capacity).

    I cannot move too far from my current location or I risk losing my extensive repeat daycare clientele, and in this area a property with an outdoor area is hard to come by (which this one has). I would also have a significantly larger area and an opportunity for retail.

    I do know there are plenty of dogs in the area, and no other salon. These guys are booked 4-6 weeks in advance and are above average in cost.

    How close is too close to another salon? / any other thoughts?

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    Personally I don't see a problem with you moving down the street. You signed for not in the same building right


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      Originally posted by The Dusty Muzzle View Post
      Personally I don't see a problem with you moving down the street. You signed for not in the same building right
      Thanks for that.
      Correct. Simply signed saying I wouldn't groom on premises.


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        Now to be proper and fair I also wouldn't discuss with Their clients that you will be opening down the road. Just the clients you serve and others from out in the world.


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          I think Dusty said it all.
          Good luck and keep us posted.
          Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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            I agree with Dusty, that would be my attitude, good luck with your venture.


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              I am a mile away from another grooming shop; actually a satellite shop of a larger pet care center on the other side of town. We are both off a busy Highway, but I actually have the highway signage, they do not as they are about 500 feet off the highway on a crossroad. My shop is located on the hwy frontage road. This other small shop has been there for about 12 years. It never detracted me from me locating where I am because my rental space is ideal. There is more than enough dogs to go around for all of us. [emoji5][emoji252]

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                Well at least you could. In our incorporated area the city makes sure there not duplicates like this too close together.