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  • Too Late for Hershey?

    Can you register for programs at the door? I realize I missed the discount but I was just wondering if I just show up on Friday night if I can register for a Friday night program and for all day Saturday and Sunday. I didn't think I would be able to go due to my husband's work but a big meeting fell through so now I am able. Also, I am currently training to be a groomer so I am wondering what workshops you think would be most beneficial to me?

    I was thinking (for Sat and Sun):

    Skin & Hair 101
    Super Styling Heads
    Thinning Shears
    Head to Tail Assessments
    Pricing Your Services
    The Good, Bad, and Furry (teaches how to handle different emotional states of dogs such as puppyhood, elderly, scared/anxious, etc)
    Mixed Breeds

    Do you think there is something else better?

    Thank you!

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    Yes, you can register at the door to attend. , but idk how reserving specific classes works at the door. They do offer Weekend Basic and Weekend Deluxe packages for Saturday and Sunday and a la carte. Try going to their website , it may be more helpful than I am. Any of those classes you mentioned sound great! I have been to Jonathan David's thinning shear class and he also usually has dvd's of this and scissor over comb available for purchase at the Kenchii booth. Be warned though that supplies are limited so if you want them go there first! Super Styling Heads is also a great class that also has a companion dvd available at the Super Styling Sessions booth. I never tire of watching Jay Scruggs groom.!


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      You can register at the door for the classes and trade show. The conference/seminar rooms are so large that it is rare that they are filled up, so I would think that they won't be sold out for most of those classes. By-the-way, I got a post card from Barkleigh that gives me a "free" trade show entrance over the weekend, so you might not get charged for it, if you purchase other classes.

      Happy seeing you at Hershey

      Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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        I have signed up last minute at the show for seminars. It is only a risk should space not be available for a particular seminar. Go for it and have a great time.