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Grooming Pets Provides Health & Safety Benefits

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  • Grooming Pets Provides Health & Safety Benefits

    Bad breath and hairballs, and long nails, oh my!

    These are only a few of the problems that ungroomed pets present. Some pet owners view grooming as being frivolous but when pets are left ungroomed they can develop serious health and safety problems that may impact their quality of life. Regular grooming provides opportunities to detect and possibly prevent some problems from occurring. Today's column is the first in a series to provide pet owners with general information regarding grooming and will focus on skin issues and care...........
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    Just did a old poodle today....his penis was stuck out of sheath and matted to both back legs, he had a 2lb mat on his left eye from eye boogers and hair...UGH! Thought I was gonna cut him for sure, but we made it thru with no cuts...he wasn't pretty when I got done but he could open his eye and put his penis back in the sheath. All could have been avoided with regular grooming.
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