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  • App for Training Your Pets

    I was chatting with a customer the other day who mentioned that there should be an app to help train pets. I know most dogs nowadays are from animal rescue and some of them are actually trained. For those who are not, there should be an app to help owners train them, because pet trainers are expensive. Any thoughts, anyone?

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    Common sense should be enough to train a pet to be a nonbitting, housebroken, come when called pet. Yes, I know common sense is nonexistent in most ppl anymore.....but this a makes about as much sense as an app to raise a child, imo.
    Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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      Agree with Cyn. Come on, people, can't they do anything without an app now? Just google it, do some research and train your own dog.

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        Cyn has said it very well. Use common sense. If you are really uncertain, then find a good school /class yo attend.


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          There are a lot of "old school style" apps for learning to train.
          I keep mine on a bookshelf!
          But they do work best *after* attending classes with your dog. Then someone can observe you both as you learn to train your dog. Learning with and teaching your dog is one of the true joys in this world.