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K9-II vs K9-III vs Master Blaster

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  • K9-II vs K9-III vs Master Blaster

    I am wanting to purchase a new HV dryer. I currently have a K9-II which I love, but I was wondering about the relative merits of the K9-III and the Master Blaster. Any input welcome! TIA

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    Stick with the K9 II. The 3 is not much more airflow and takes up more room. Also I'm not a fan of Metro dryers. Harder to work on. I change my own brushes and the K9 is very easy to work on.

    K9 II is the workhorse of the industry.


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      I love my K-9 III variable speed. I've had a used Romani dyer which lasted 19 years-and this costs a fraction of the price! Works great!!!


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        I've used both the K9 II and Master Blaster and find them to both be excellent dryers. You can get a Master Blaster with variable speed which is nice but I'm about to open a salon and I've decided to go with the plain old master blaster with out it. Reasonable cost, good power.


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          I really don't care for the Metro dryers....I use a Double K dual motor dryer. Like Tom I change my own brushes and the Double K is easy to work on. My Double K has been a work horse for 10 yrs now and still going strong. I went thru 3 Metro dryers in same amount of time.....two caught fire (Filters were cleaned every day) don't remember what happened to the other 1 of the 3...been too many yrs ago.
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            I like my Master Blaster.


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              I like the K9 3 but man is that loud!