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Groomer Saves Pet from Traffic

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  • Groomer Saves Pet from Traffic

    He said he was just going to get a new collar for his 2-year-old poodle mix at Pets First a couple weeks ago.

    But when U.S. Postal Service chairman James Bilbray took Lucy’s collar off, she escaped the Broadway pet store, and ran into the street. Cars almost struck her several times, he said.

    “I thought she was going to get killed,” Bilbray said. “She was trying to find our condo (in Las Vegas).”

    Bilbray said he also owns a home in Long Beach and travels between the two cities frequently. During a recent visit to Long Beach, he said Lucy was rescued by a quick-thinking groomer — Melissa Orellana.

    Bilbray said he would surprise her with a special plaque this week as a thank-you.

    “This woman was like a marathon runner,” he said. “She (Orellana) was smart and forced her (Lucy’s) way back toward me… I wanted to give her something for having saved my dog’s life.”.........
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    God bless her!!!

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      How nice to honor her


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        Good job and glad she got some notice, Nice story.