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Coach calls players beating of dog with belt a "spank"

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  • Coach calls players beating of dog with belt a "spank"

    OMG and he is so important to the team I guess he gets a little misdemeanor but the coach's words incensed me. Several statements actually.

    "Hopefully it's a teaching moment and a learning experience for him and I think he was frustrated and spanked the dog for not being house trained," said coach, Jim Grobe. "But you just can't do that, and he knows that. He loves the dog and takes great care of the dog other than losing his temper with the dog, I think he takes great care of him."

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    Other than being an abusive jerk, he's an ok kind of animal loving guy. Sounds legit.


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      Gut wrenching, so the pet goes to his parents, maybe he became this abusive by the treatment of his parents, good luck doggie still. Warning, the video is really sad, that's beating, not a spank.


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          I dont have the heart to watch that video...but i sure as hell would like to spank that boy in the head with a tire iron. Hopefully its a teaching moment and a learning experience for me as well but i mean i got frustrated and decided to spank him in the head with a tire iron for not being raised right. 😒

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            Saw the vid - If its really him the guys a scumbag.

            The animal needs to be removed and the College needs to hold him accountable for abuse, in addition to being removed from the NFL eligibility roster.



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              He had to sit out 3 games. Wow. Sports so often allows such bad behavior. Slap his hand, beat the dog.


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                Compared to the dog, he got off way too easy.